My First Blog

On the way to Helena…to the race for the cure…thoughts I had…

Dean taught me a lesson in humility…When developing ideas for a wiki for our students. One idea I had was to start the students off with the question…How can we get Mr. Agamenoni and Mr. Groom to Google Academy. My good friend, Dean reminded me that it is not about me when he said, “The kids don’t care about you.” A lesson in humility from a man 1000’s of miles away in Australia. Just what I needed. Thank you Dean. Therefore, my Blog (wherever I decide to publish it) is not going to be about me, but about how we can change what we are doing in the classroom so students can have access to this endless book of knowledge being written by amazing, incredible, people all over the world. It is not our job to censor, ban, block, and forbid people (children) to read or access this book. It is our job to teach kids how to use it. Something that we need to learn how to do, in most cases, more so than our children. Dean, my friend from Australia, who I met on the island of Jokaydia, is teaching me how to read this book and also, how to write it. My gratitude for my friend, Dean, seems infinite to me as I ride with my family on the way to Helena to remember my Mother.

On a personal note:

The race for the cure in Helena…

I cried for the first time in years today because I miss my mother. So many people are effected by this disease. My friend, Dean, in Australia; My neighbor, Scott, like my son Edin, never was able to meet his Grandma; My friend Becky, whose best friend, Audra, suffers from a similar illness; and one of my students whose name I cannot bring back to memory; all have been impacted by cancer. In fact, I never really realized how many people have been impacted by cancer until today. Instead of rushing to the front of the race as I normally do to ensure that my son runs as fast as he can, I stayed near the rear and watched all the people at the start. Ten minutes had passed and hundreds of people had not yet reached the start line. My vision of this race has definitely changed. It is not about making sure that your son gets the best time, it is about getting together with others and remembering or celebrating the lives of people we love. It was huge, so many people. I almost did not come to Helena today to the Race for the Cure because I felt I had too much to do at home…Thank you, Joanie, for reminding me of what is truly important…

I realize what blogging is all about (I think) now and I plan to update mine regularly…


6 Responses to “My First Blog”

  1. jennylu Says:

    Good luck as you begin your blogging journey. I’ve been on my journey for 4 months and it’s changed my life. Look forward to connecting with amazing educators who are unbelievably generous with their time and knowledge. You become part of a digital staffroom where help is always at hand. If your experience replicates my own, the only drawback you’ll experience is lack of sleep!
    Jenny Luca.

  2. Nice work!! Is great to see you starting to share your explorations! I hope that blogging brings you the same professional and personal gains it’s brought me! 😉

  3. You are welcome … though I’m not sure any thanks are needed, I’m just paying it forward and part of the drive to keep advocating change is to see yet another teacher put aside the text book and worksheets and give students wings to explore an infinately more rewarding, challenging and relevant world. You classroom is next to mine @ Dean

  4. susanagroom1 Says:

    Looks great. How does the family feel about being models? It is nice to read your story and share your journey. I hope you continue and enjoy the blogging world. You really should sleep!!!

  5. slms2007 Says:

    Hey, thanks for showing me this today. You have a nice page and beautiful family. I only had a chance to read the first page and not the others. I’ll try to do that later. I like what you wrote. Yes, we need to teach kids how to use the internet. It’s tough though when they are in the lab on their own and I’m busy. I think they still need supervision.

    I’m sorry about your mother. My father passed away in 2004 from a glioblastoma, brain cancer. It was awful. Family members run for him in the races, but I haven’t. I do it everyday. Everyday I think of him. Today I found out a very good friend of mine has cancer. They can’t help her. It reminded me of my dad.

    On to a better note, I signed up in WordPress. I think I’ll blog here. I should try to catch up with family again. It’s been awhile. They might read it.

  6. […] blog post was my 50th and marked the one-year anniversary of my blog.  I know this because I wrote my first blog post on the way home from the 2008 Race for the Cure of Breast Cancer, and last weekend, family and I […]

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