Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is something I am learning about.  In my previous post I linked to the page that defined what digital literacy is to me.  It is important because children who lack digital literacy skills are at a definite disadvantage to those who do not.  When I look at my own children, I want them to have every advantage in becoming successful, contributing, and happy members of society.  Recently, I have discovered so many things, and most of them revolve around the importance of the tool that I have sitting in front of me at this very moment.  As I have seen in the project I am collaborating in with Dean Groom of Australia, it is not only a connector of information, but one of people as well…

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One Response to “Digital Literacy”

  1. This is a great post. As an elementary educational technology teacher, I could spend my time with the kids teaching every little in-and-out of Power Point or iMovie. Instead I expose my students to as many different types of technologies and web tools as possible. When these kids are in the workplace we are hopefully preparing them for, the tools will be vastly different from today’s. They must be able to adapt to new interfaces with the confidence to handle the change.

    I actually liken this ability to my Hillsdale education. When I graduated, this teaching position didn’t exist, but by having the ability to think through a situation and learn independently, I was able to thrive in an emerging field. That is what our kids need to be able to do in a digital world.

    Not trying to spam your site at all, but take your kids for a spin on some of the sites I use with my students. . Parents love that now at home their kids have a fun, educational, and safe spot to work online. My 5 year old daughter loves it.

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