Grant Writing and other things

I have recently been working on writing a grant, something I have always wanted to do, but always had an excuse not to. I finished the grant yesterday and sent it in both electronically and physically. It may have been the finest thing I have ever written. However, in no way would I have been able to write such a fine document (MHO), were it not for the help of two new friends I have recently made: Joanna M. Kay, an educational consultant and Dean Groom, an educational technologist. I learned to use a Google service called Google Docs with their help. It is still a little surreal to me that I can be editing, discussing, tweeking, and pimping a document with professional educators thousands of miles away while I sit in my kitchen wearing Homer Simpson slippers. By the way, they are two of the finest educators I have ever met. Hopefully, I get this grant. It is for a computer lab that I plan to utilize to help both teachers and students develop digital literacy skills, something which I believe our schools are lacking in. The web is changing, has changed, and we need to train ourselves how to utilize some of the wonderful learning tools that it provides us with, not only for our own benefit, but for our children’s as well. Many children already possess some great digital skills, however, they are using them in an unsafe manner. In a project I worked on with Dean Groom, I discovered several students had secret email addresses and Myspace accounts that their parents had no idea about. We can try to block them from these things, but, believe me, they will find a way to use them, safely or unsafely. Perhaps a better approach to the new web (Web 2.0) would be to get parents and teachers to start learning about it so we can show our kids how to utilize these tools more effectively.

My sincere thanks go out to Joanna kay and Dean Groom, not only for all the help they have given me on the grant We wrote together, but all the help they have given me in many other areas of my life as well, just ask MissieZ, I am a changed man.


2 Responses to “Grant Writing and other things”

  1. Hey, no problem at all … my pleasure. Just don’t mention the slippers again. Thats just wrong. Best of luck with it, lets hope your students see a new benefit soon. Dean

  2. Fingers and toes are crossed here in Wollongong for ya! Let’s hope you get the grant and can start really doing amazing things with your students!

    It’s been a pleasure to work with you, Jeff! 😉

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