Educational Blog Fear is a Tragedy #2

This is a quote from a conversation I had with Scott Merrick…Blog fear is a tragedy…

I was recently asked by our district’s Assistant Superintendent k-12 what I needed in order to teach web 2.0 strategies to my students, in order to get the content to my students. First of all, I believe we need to stop blocking educational blogs and at least one web mail service. The most innovative, effective, cutting edge teachers maintain educational blogs and provide resources for students and parents to access some type of web mail. If we cannot access web mail or educational blogs, we have no idea what innovative teachers are doing and cannot share what they are doing with our students and our teachers. More importantly, our students cannot share with each other. Resources are currently available to make sharing and communicating with other students via the web, safer than ever before. Some places that are blocked are listed below:

  • and Edublogs…Blog places that teachers utilize
  • Webmail access…at least 1…gmail would be good…
  • You tube videos…This would need to be filtered and monitored carefully..
  • google videos

And there are numerous others. Those are just a few.

I believe we need to stop blocking Educational Blogs like the ones I have listed in my blogroll on the right side of my homepage. Many of them contain valuable content that I would like to share with both teachers in my school and students too. The best content, teachers, and classrooms maintain educational blogs in one form or another. We cannot access those things if educational blogging spots are blocked.

Information Communication Technology needs to be utilized in our classrooms more effectively, I think. If I simultaneously have a conversation (Text, group, or voice based) with several innovative educators around the world in any room in my house, I should be able to do the same thing in my classroom. If a teacher like me, a Montana native, can figure these things out, then I believe we are in store for some very big changes in the near future. Innovative teachers all over the world are using these tools everyday in their classrooms. We need to be doing the same thing here, in Great Falls.

Any feedback anyone has on this post would be greatly appreciated. I initially made this post on May 30, 2008. It is amazing how much even my own thinking has changed over such a short period.


2 Responses to “Educational Blog Fear is a Tragedy #2”

  1. My son just left 7th grade, and there was no communication between teacher and student outside of class. Only reason my son ever got on the computer for other than games was to look up stuff for a report. One of his classes he has, the teacher had a small website with some info that was happening in the class. His main teachers just emailed me when he wasn’t doing homework.

  2. angelac1 Says:

    It is often pointed out (and I cannot remember who made the point initially) that many of our students are very connected members of the digital age. They may be members of large online social or gaming networks, and very active participants in those networks. By coming to school, these students are so often disconnected by school policy, or teacher classroom practice, instead of the positive features being leveraged to maintain or improve the perceived relevance of the students’ educational experiences.

    I have a son who was always characterised as disorganised, or lacking in management skills. And yet online, he was able to head up a clan, and coordinate members around the world to achieve their goals. He would have produced and read more text through that process than he had ever done at school.

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