Diigo Updates – Figuring out bookmarking

Just figured out how to make a blog post of what I have been reading…and learning about in my journey on the web…Bookmarking has taken me a while to figure out…but I believe I might be getting it now…Dean and/or Aussie friends…Am I getting it?


3 Responses to “Diigo Updates – Figuring out bookmarking”

  1. Oooo how do you do that?!?!?!

  2. teacherman79 Says:

    pretty cool…you can have your bookmarks out on Diigo or Delicious…so you don’t have to be at the same computer or browser to remember what you were reading…Noob here starting to figure a few things out…Foxmarks is cool too…

  3. now you’ve got the bookmarking thing, all you need to do is hook into people you think add value to your world – and follow their bookmarks too! Easy as.

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