Fence Building with Mnelson

I have a close friend who helped me build a fence. He has been teaching for the past 17 years at Highwood High School in Highwood, MT. The fact that my fence is so level is a testament to his ability to pay attention to detail. That ability is probably one reason that he has been such a successful coach for the Highwood Mountaineers. They play six-man football there and he has been their head football coach each of those 17

that is a level fence, dude...

that is a level fence, dude...

years. He has done an amazing job, winning 10 state championships in his stint as their Head Coach, most recently in 2006. Earlier this month, he retired and is moving on to bigger and brighter things and a new profession. He will have more time now to spend with his own children, something I know is of highest priority for him. Highwood will have a hard time replacing this excellent coach and educator and I know he will be sorely missed by the entire community, especially the players he has coached. He will be working less time and not have to pay to drive 50 miles to and from work each day. And most importantly, I will never again have to be the offensive coordinator for little guy football.

Hey Dean, they need a football coach and a Math teacher in Highwood, Montana…hehe


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