Diigo updates – July 28th

I am trying my updates this week using a different format…not a list but a paragraph…

Scott Merrick let me attend a workshop he put on in Nashville via skype (see Day 2 info). He used his cell phone and Gcast to podcast a summary of Day 2…while he was driving, I might add. A colleague of mine at WaldenU has begun blogging at J9defteacher’s Weblog. I could not believe all the resources at the following site Go2Web20.net – The complete Web 2.0 sites directory, same goes for Welcome to FunnyMonkey! | FunnyMonkey – Tools for Teachers. Angela A Thomas is another outstanding Aussie Educator, and I found this interesting article on networking…Techlearning > > Social Networking—Why Are We Afraid? > May 1, 2008.

List is easier…I will do a list from now on…


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