Quest Atlantis

One important change that has occurred for me recently involves my belief that Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVE’s) will have tremendous impact on education. I recently completed a professional development workshop in a project run by Indiana University called Quest Atlantis. The project is led by Dr. Sasha Barab. I believe educational tools like Quest Atlantis are going to normal in our classrooms in the near, possibly very near future. Not only does QA (Quest Atlantis) meet curricular objectives from all subject areas, but it also lets students develop a variety of digital literacy skills that will have great positive impacts on the students who are able to utilize this terrific tool. Students complete activities called quests by completing a variety of educational activities and collaborating with students and other teachers, from a variety of different places. All activities are related to the following 7 social commitments:

I met with my supervisor this morning and I have been given the okay to begin utilizing Quest Atlantis in my classroom. I was even able to download the program on 3 out of the 10 computers in my classroom. I think I need administrative rights on the other seven. Ed Gentry, always helpful, was there and I was having a conversation with him before my boss came in. It was amazing to my boss that I could be talking to a person in Indiana through an avatar and instant messaging.

On a personal note:

People I talked with this morning from Australia…Hard to tell who is who though…Australians sound a lot alike to me…These are great teachers and they talked to me…I don’t know how amazing that I talked with them is to them…but it still boggles my mind…Annabel, Al Upton, Saphire, Dewi, Outback, and last but not least, Slammed…our conversation occurred at Dewi’s place on the islands of Jokaydia. We were discussing IWB’s (Interactive White Boards) and how to use them effectively in the classroom…and Star Wars too…


5 Responses to “Quest Atlantis”

  1. annecollier Says:

    Teacherman79, I really appreciate the 7 social commitments listed here. Probably showing my ignorance as a non-educator (journalist), but where do they come from? Is Quest-Atlantis a “safer bet” (for faster admin approval) than Teen Second Life just by default (because it comes out of the academic community)? Thank you,

  2. teacherman79 Says:

    Teen Second Life does not allow students younger than 13 in…QA is monitored 24/7 for too much sharing of personal info and inappropriate language and has Quests which are built in educational activities. It is built on an Active Worlds platform which is different from the Second Life type platform. Voice chat is inactive in QA because it would be too difficult to monitor…and building is different…a little easier in QA, but you cannot do quite as much either…just my opinion…thanks for commenting…

  3. […] in QA over the summer and continue to learn about it as I implement it into my practice. See my Quest Atlantis post from earlier in the year, or better yet, see Scott Merrick’s post from earlier in the month. […]

  4. Nice description of QA teacherman! 😉

  5. Rhmskelvinod Says:


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