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Jokay – Online presentation – mashups08

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I attended an excellent on-line workshop through a program called eluminate organized by The Australian Flexible Learning Network. I met several current twitter friends and also made some new ones.  In her presentation Joanna M. Kay presented several ways teachers can use a variety of media to improve their blog. She actually used my blog in her presentation. Click here if you would like to link to several of the tools and the slide presentation she gave. The slide presentation can also be seen below. It was collected and posted via Vodpod. It may seem strange to people that I have become so connected to teachers from so far away.  But to me, it is only a huge indication of how much our world is changing and how we, as teachers, need to begin changing with it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ranting…and Good bye Sloopy…

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I am usually not one for sharing a great deal of information…but I think blogs might be here for that reason…Sharing with my network what is happening in my professional life…

I recently applied for the position of a member of our new technology team in our school district and I just found out that I did not get the job. I kind of have a knot in my stomach about it, because of all the things I have been learning and how much time I have been spending learning it. However, for the most part, although I have been a leader with technology in my classroom for my students, I really have not been the best leader for teachers. Although I am upset about not being named as a member of this committee, I have realized through some help of my network of teachers and friends that everything I have gained in the past several months with regards to becoming a connected teacher, far outweighs any loss I may have experienced…in fact they have helped me arrive at the conclusion that this this whole committee thing is probably some kind of a blessing in disguise…

Since no one in Montana is reading my blog except for GEEGUY (this post put things in perspective for me)…and somebody in Helena…Helena person (or anyone in Montana for that matter)…let me know who you are…by commenting…

Sloopy was a superior pet for our family...Very kind and very sweet

ON a Personal note…

My family’s pet newfoundland, Sloopy, died in her sleep on Saturday night. She was eleven and a half years old and she was a fantastic pet. My son Edin found her in our back yard. He was crying and very sad as he would spend time with her daily. Explaining death, something I don’t really understand very well myself, can be a difficult task. I remember I gave that as an assignment once when I taught English to a bunch of 7th graders. How would you explain your pet’s death to a child. The best response I got was from a student who said…”Your dog, Sloopy, is in a better place now…Her hips don’t hurt any more, in fact, she can fly and she is with Baloo and Gramma now…and best of all…the streets are paved with BACON…”

Diigo Updates – Figuring out bookmarking

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Just figured out how to make a blog post of what I have been reading…and learning about in my journey on the web…Bookmarking has taken me a while to figure out…but I believe I might be getting it now…Dean and/or Aussie friends…Am I getting it?