Hey look at me…Featured blog…

I got 11 votes during July…10 of which were people I made (persuaded) to vote for me…hehe…Let me see if I can remember who I persuaded to vote…Missiez, Heyjude (reluctantly, she thought more Aussies should be represented), Dean, Penelope, Norma, AngelaC, Jokay (I think), Al (maybe), oh yeah…me…and three other people…forgive me for not remembering…I didn’t break the record number of votes though…Which was 13…I think from last month…I should have made some alt avatars to break the record…

Even more important to me than being featured is the fact that I learned how to make a blog post from flickr…and also, I am becoming more familiar with Scott Merrick, who manages the blogger’s hut in Second Life and is a teacher from Nashville. Scott is on the cutting edge of many things where technology is concerned and let me Skype into a workshop he was giving to talk with some teachers there…I love getting connected to other teachers from all over the place…


2 Responses to “Hey look at me…Featured blog…”

  1. scottmerrick Says:

    Hey, man,

    Just wanted to add that in addition to your blog’s being the Blog-o-the-month of August at the Blogger’s Hut, I recently posted Snacks4theBrain! podcast episode number 73, featuring audio from my July Web20forUS! workshop (yes, I am a little obsessed with exclamation points!) and our Skype chat about Web2.0. It can be found at http://blogs.vanderbilt.edu/s4theb/?p=58 and I thank you for the time you took to talk with us. These tools, these connections continue to fascinate me as well. May they always!!!

  2. […] Based at the Blogger’s Hut on ISTE Island which is coordinated by Scott Merrick, the Blog o’ the Month Competition is a great way to feature edublogs from all over the world, and to connect to other bloggers who are exploring virtual worlds. You can visit and vote on ISTE’s Islands here (SLurl). This is the second time a jokaydian has been part of Blog O’ the Month – with the amazing Henny Zimer aka Jeff Agamenoni featured in August! […]

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