Tapped In – A virtual environment since 1996 – without Avatars?

I was given the assignment of looking into a resource called Tapped In recently for work in my Master’s program at Walden University. I met a great teacher there named David Weksler and we had a very nice conversation…He is a greeter there. He shared numerous things with me including the fact that he has been a volunteer there since Tapped In began in 1996. I can see where a place liked Tapped In would definitely benefit teachers. It seemed much like Second Life to me only not as visual. It would be a great place to conduct online PD for a staff.

The form of communication there is text chat. I love text chat because I believe it to be thoughtful discussion. Chats can happen either in real time or asynchronously. I love interacting with teachers online and already I found a resource I may use in my classroom through David. Tapped in has math meetings on a regular basis and their calendar seemed very full of events. This resource gives teachers a safe place to share ideas and bounce things off colleagues of their choosing with less threat than sharing in normal staff settings.

Tapped In gives teachers an opportunity to get involved in an educational community outside the classroom. It offers plenty of chances for volunteer work like the work David shared with me he has been doing for more than 12 years. Welcoming new people to his virtual space gives him plenty of rewards. He meets teachers from all over the world as a volunteer for Tapped In. Everything is becoming Global. We need to be able to bring that “globalness” to our students some how. Tapped in would be a great place for many teachers to start.

I liked Tapped in more than I thought I would because of my experience meeting David. Again, I am amazed that this resource has been there for 12 years and I just now found it. I think my experiences in Second Life made navigating and understanding the purpose behind Tapped In easier. I plan to join Tapped In as soon as I post this discussion response. I think we need to be familiar with as many web 2.0 tools as we possibly can and Tapped In has been around for a long time.


2 Responses to “Tapped In – A virtual environment since 1996 – without Avatars?”

  1. Hi Teacherman! Great job! I am from Brazil and talk to you from Second Life (ISTE Island). I love your history, but I dont speak english (only portuguese) and then, is very dificult to me talk more. Be happy, you and your family.

  2. teacherman79 Says:

    thanks Glorinha…What is your name in SL…you write in English okay…thank you for reading my blog and commenting…Do you have a blog?

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