Learning to Podcast and getting to know some fine teachers

Last week I was able to have several conversations via Skype. Also, I was lucky enough to be involved in a couple of different podcasts. A couple of weeks ago, after I just finished building a fence with a close teaching friend of mine in my back yard, I saw a twitter from Scott Merrick asking teachers to contact him via Skype and as i was coming in the door, I heard my Skype ring and it was Scott. We had an excellent conversation in his workshop about Web2.0 tools and I got to meet several fine teachers in Nashville, I think it was Nashville, unless Scott was traveling from home.

Scott posted a portion of our conversation on his podcast show Snacks for the Brain Episode #73. It was great fun poking into a workshop in Nashville and meeting some teachers eager to learn about new technologies. Twitter is a great tool for getting teachers connected to one another. It is a lot like having a brain with several teachers in it to help me solve problems, discuss ideas, or just to blow off some steam. I am connected to some fine teachers who are usually available to help me solve a variety of problems. I am also available to help them if I can. Teachers use twitter to share cool links about classroom applications and ideas that are usually on the cutting edge of education and/or technology.

Believe it or not, I had another conversation with a teacher from Phoenix last week and was on his podcast as well. He is newer to podcasting and I met him through a link by a teacher named Durff on Twitter. She is always posting great links for people and this was no exception. The link she shared was for Bobby Norman’s podcast show, The Teachers Life. He asked listeners to join his group in Classroom 2.0, another excellent way to network with teachers. We had a conversation, again, about web2.0 tools that he recorded and placed on his fourth episode. Anyhow, have a listen to either of these fine teachers’ podcasts. They are interesting to listen to and they may have some information that might make you a better teacher…and most importantly, you get to hear My Voice.

On a personal note, I have recently learned a little bit about some peoples tendency to be greedy and ungrateful, two qualities I have seldom seen in teachers I have met on-line. Most are willing to help you as much as you need, asking for little in return. I am grateful for people like , Jokay, Dean, Angela, GnuChris, Jude, Al, and Scott among others. I have learned more in the last four months than I ever thought possible due to these great teachers’ generosity. So, thanks to them…


3 Responses to “Learning to Podcast and getting to know some fine teachers”

  1. Gratz! Nice work Jeff…… so when are you starting your own podcast?? 😉

  2. Ta Jeff. But in this world it is impossible – impossible you hear- for any one person to know it all. Networks are the way of solving that problem – someone in the network will be able to help, or will know someone who will be able to help, or will know someone who knows someone……I am just very happy to be part of your network, and able to help and be helped by that.

  3. It’s awesome isn’t it – sharing and learning from each other online and ‘in world’. It’s been super getting to know you too!! I don’t know where I would be without all the connections and sharing of information that our interactions allow. Keep up the learning, the fun, the professional learning….and yes, I have to agree with you – I too have learned more than I could have imagined possible from you all!!

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