First Day Back

I always get nervous on the first day back.  I am sitting in my kitchen this morning reflecting about how much I have learned over the past six months with regards to new technologies and personal learning networks.  Mostly Personal Learning Networks.  For without my PLN, I would not have learned anything.  I have always been a person who pretty much keeps to himself and I have never thought of myself as an interpersonal learner until recently.  I read a blog post by Scott Merrick which led me to a blog post by Kevin Jarrett.  Read Kevin’s blog post.  He is one fired up teacher!  He has passion that I sometimes lack.  It is awesome that a teacher in NJ can write a blog post on Sunday, that I can read on Wednesday morning to help me get fired up to teach.  I have become a connected teacher (Learner) because of things I have learned from teachers like Scott, Dean, Angela and Kevin (everytime I list PLN teachers, I want to list everyone).  They, among many others, are examples of what twenty-first century educators need to be doing in their classrooms and in their own professional development to help students better prepare for an uncertain future.

Knowing I have a PLN (just beginning to understand this term) like I do…that I can change, edit, listen to or not listen to, as I see fit, is extremely empowering to me.  It brings back my passion for learning (and teaching)…two terms that maybe are not as different from one another as I once thought…

Was I rambling or does any of this make sense…you two people who read my blog?  On a personal note, I am about to go get on my bike for a little pre-first day back work-out…


One Response to “First Day Back”

  1. and then you go make a comment to some Aussie kids, and they get all fired up about writing too. Scott is a great huh, its almost impossible to explain to teachers who live in walled gardens just has damn easy it is to learn more and do more at such a low cost. I am really looking forward to reading and talking about where you go with this – just slightly pizzed I wear Adidas Samba and wouldn’t dead for quids in Nikes.

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