Dean, Lucy, Aussie Students and Greenup2145

First clip is the kid’s presentations…simply awesome…second clip is pre-ustream(hope Dean doesn’t pull either)…you can hear me in the back discussing a variety of things with Aussie teachers and students from my Kitchen…I think my wife wants me to move the computer out of the kitchen…I watched 6 presentations last night via Ustream and listened to other teachers evaluate and comment on their work thanks to Dean Groom and Lucy Gresser…Who have done some wonderful work on a project called Greenup2145…Teaching kids to be thoughtful, responsible, reflective, thinkers and writers…NICE!

Also, they are teaching me to be a more innovative teacher. They have teachers from outside their classroom, outside their country, evaluating their students and providing them with feedback…extra work for them perhaps…but man, do their students benefit…as does this teacher (learner) in Montana…Thank you Lucy and Dean for setting the standard…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 Responses to “Dean, Lucy, Aussie Students and Greenup2145”

  1. Teachers are so often by themselves when they teach. In the case of the Greenup project, I was given the opportunity to see how other teachers process and evaluate the work of students. I no longer need to be alone when I teach. I have access to what Dean calls a very powerful PLN. I am lucky.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    It is the new community that we are a part of which includes you that makes me a more innovative person and teacher. You would not have told me that six months ago I would have such an amazing network of people like yourself as a result of places like twitter and second life.

    I too find it hard that Dean thanks us when I thank him and you for all your assistance

  3. Tanuj Kakkar Says:

    Hey guys my name is tanuj kakkar and im a student from parramatta marist….i actulally presentd uo there AND I WAS IN THE SECOND GROUP…thnx for all ur relpys it was a great day…though quite nerve racking presenting in front of a politcal figure….it was a great experience and hope u enjoyed …ur teachers really have put there heart and soul into this project…they have been commenting on our work, telling us from what right to wrong….though one specail mention of our teacher Miss. Lucy Gresser she was the one who reached her own limits just so she could get the best out us…she has spend hrs and hrs on this project…

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