Permission Slips – Wiki lessons learned

I wish I would have thought through my wikispaces procedures more thoroughly than I did. There is so much that goes along with a wiki and can be done on one that it was difficult for me to really think about how my permission slip needed to look. I probably should have looked at the Far and Away Project wiki first…jeez…I had a permission slip sitting right there the whole time and forgot about it. It was just for Wikis though, so I contacted my PLN through both Skype and Twitter and I was provided with some wonderful resources from Angela, a Tasmanian who has been very helpful to me over the past couple of months and Dean, a cutting edge edutech from just South of Sydney. I hope to have an AUP ready for all the things students will be doing although I think the wikispaces one we designed or edited for our Far and Away project covered about everything.  I was then able to contact Jokay via gtalk and she helped me arrive at the decision to make my homebase wiki entirely private.  She also helped me pimp a google doc version of the permission slip to meet my specific situation.  Once again my PLN saves the day.  So BEST!

I was feeling a little guilty for not having the AUP all finished and being more prepared to implement some of these tools I have been discovering, and I remembered…oh, yeah, I had to write 17 rationales over the past couple of weeks to finish my master’s program…so it isn’t like I have been lying around on my arse all summer long. Yes, I am a master at something, even if it is in my own mind.

On a personal note, an old friend contacted me via my blog. He googled my name and my blog appeared. He has come a long way from where he was when I met him…thank God, I didn’t screw him up too badly. Very nice to hear from you, Clay. Also, a newer friend, started her own wiki at the middle school where I teach…Nice work, Brenda.


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