Rachel’s Challenge

Our school has embarked on a mission called Rachel’s Challenge. Part of Rachel’s challenge is for students to set goals and begin Journaling. I think that if we are to ask students to do something, we should be willing to do it ourselves. Since I am going to ask students in my homebase to each keep a journal of their year, then I will be doing the same.

Our Homebase Wiki is a perfect place to do that…One of many. Our first journal entry will be to reflect a little about Rachel’s challenge presentation and then to set at least one goal for yourself. I think journaling is a great way to record what is happening in a person’s life and share it with others. The thought occurred to me as I sat through the Rachel’s Challenge presentation what a perfect venue for journaling a wiki would be…and then I joined the ForSpace ning and I think that might be even better. I thought I would make an East Middle School group on the ning but it seems that Emily beat me to it. One thing at a time though. Any way, I have to get on my bike…my first goal…is as follows:

I will become effective at utilizing On-line tools to engage kids and help them become anytime, anywhere learners.


One Response to “Rachel’s Challenge”

  1. Yeah it sounds great… well my name is Tanuj Kakkar from Parra Marist not sure if u remember me…ur rachel challenage is a very good way to start the habbit of blogging, i mean u urself hav written couple of great blogs…i also like the way how u hav set up ur goals, but never forget if you want to get the most out from ur students, make sure that there work is being looked at and appriciated, I guess that was the reason y r greenup2145 went well, because we had so many teachers looking at our work and commenting on it – lucy was great throught this project, without the doupt i could say she reached her own limits just so she could get the best out off each and every student…really looking forward on hearing on how ur challenge goes on…best of luck…

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