Skype keeps me connected…Get ready for QA

I have been feeling a bit discouraged lately and a little afraid to begin taking some risks in my classroom. I sometimes tend to focus more on why something cannot be done instead of concentrating on why it should be done. Dean Groom, a colleague I met while learning about Second Life, skyped me, and his fire for education rekindled my passion about how important changing how I teach in my classroom is. Something about talking with that goofy Aussie brings out the best in me.

So anyway, as a result of our talk, I began handing out permission slips for Quest Atlantis on Tuesday, something I had been procrastinating on for a variety of “yeah, but” type reasons. Kids were very excited and most responded positively to the Quest Atlantis Legend video I used to introduce the program. In fact, several students rushed into my classroom with signed permission slips right after first bell on Wednesday morning. I posted the video below to show my PLN what the kids see. This video provides a background story for the Quest Atlantis program, that in my opinion, will lead students to an increased sense of social commitment and responsibility.

My computers are a little slow and they may not run QA perfectly, but they work well enough…And Susan Wanke, a co-worker also trained in Quest Atlantis, has managed to get QA loaded on 11 computers in our school library for approved questers to begin utilizing during library time, homebase, study hall, or after school. I am glad there is another teacher at my school fired up and feisty about web2.0. So, thanks again, Dean, for helping me stay passionate about teaching.

On a personal note, it has been difficult to keep blogging as much as I was during the summer months. I think I miss out when I don’t do at least one post a week. I think I need to be less of a perfectionist about my posts and be alright with there being a typo or two. My blog is very important for my professional development but I sometimes neglect things that have higher priority because I am worried about making sure my post is perfect.  So if you find a typo or two and it really bugs you, let me no, and I will fix them. Because my plan is to spend more time writing, and less time proofing and editing.


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