Quest Atlantis begins at East Middle School

I began sending home permission slips for Quest Atlantis last week and I began enrolling students this week. I have QA downloaded on each of the ten Windows based computers in my classroom which run the program pretty well despite only 256 mb of ram and pretty slow processors but they were good enough. We also managed to get it working on twelve other computers in the Library. The library computers are much better than the ones in my classroom, so QA seems to run a bit better there. The computer tech said QA looked like a chat room and Susan told him that it was much more than that. Susan is my feisty Quest Atlantis partner and she has been instrumental in getting QA loaded on the twelve computers in our library. Many of the kids are so excited, they can barely contain themselves. I had to have a small conference with one student to get him to stop asking about when he would be enrolled along with the others. Angela shared with me that I would be very busy in the near future when kids began completing quests. She is a Tasmanian friend I met on Jokaydia and she has been extremely helpful in helping me learn how to begin implementing QA in my classroom. She is an expert in Quest Atlantis as she has been utilizing it for well over a year now I think, possibly even more.

I also made a wiki page that linked to the How to download QA at home and many students have taken advantage of it and began playing QA from their homes. Classroom walls are becoming wider all the time, in schools of the future, I believe that walls will be nonexistent.

KFBB Television came in and interviewed the first quester I enrolled early in September about different technologies we have begun using at East Middle School. I will blog a little more on that story as it develops. The chaoticness of this time of year is making me be far more precise with my words when I blog. Precision of thought, I have heard that phrase somewhere, is a skill that I need to work on if I am to continue blogging. I coach basketball for a couple of elementary school teams that my two sons play on and although it is a rewarding endeavor, it can be quite time-consuming. Basketball season has begun and so has the chaos.

On a personal note…Although I am connecting to some awesome teachers and having a very cool time I may have picked a poor time to join a the Cognitive Dissonance Guild in a new adventure I just began in WOW as a night elf hunter and a paladin dwarf…On-line educators are by far, the most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of being connected to…like Maratink…my helper in WOW…


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  1. Thank you for the comment! And yes, I have been to all of those places on my 7 wonders of the world. They are all great places. Thanks again!

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