I am still alive…

I have not been blogging much lately for a couple of reasons. I guess I was a little burnt out on blogging and basketball season has come into full swing (I coach a couple of basketball teams). I also started playing World of Warcraft with a group of teachers. It is an interesting game which I have found to be scarilyhenzimer2 addictive. I need to be very careful around things that are as addictive as I have found WoW to be as I have an extremely addictive nature. I also haven’t felt the need to write about the things I am doing in my classroom as they haven’t changed much since my last post. I continue to introduce students to Quest Atlantis in both the Math Lab class I teach and in the Computer Club that has started. I have created a blog and a wiki for a few of my more advanced questers to share their experiences on. We also created a Flickr account as a venue for my students to share screen shots of their adventures in QA. A slide show of several of the screen shots can be accessed by clicking HERE. (WordPress…you need to get Flashed).

Finally, our computer club was recently featured in a newscast by a local station. We are raising money for what I believe is a needy school in Nepal. I have never been much of a fund raiser but my friend, Gopi, tells me that his school really needs some supplies.

My blog is mostly about how a Personal Learning Network (PLN) has worked in my life. For without my PLN, I would not be twittering, blogging, questing, wiki-ing, or even WoWing for that matter. As for instruction in my Math Lab…I don’t know that Web 2.0 totally changes the need for direct instruction in mathematics. There are certain things that middle school students struggle with when it comes to mathematics. I have attempted using some web tools for a few things in my classroom, but if a student does not understand how to convert a mixed number into an improper fraction, direct instruction to me still seems like a pretty good option. Any suggestions regarding the utilization of web tools with regards to mathematics are always very welcome.

buster-and-boysOn a Personal note, I took my two boys and dog, Buster, fishing last Saturday. We had an excellent hike up to the fishing hole and some excellent conversation. However, the only thing that we managed to catch was Buster’s ear on a hook.


2 Responses to “I am still alive…”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    You continue to amaze me. I haven’t really gotten into the Web 2.0 tools as much as you have but I think you rock! Watch out for that World of Warcraft game. I have a friend who is 37 years old and totally addicted to it as well.-But its cool! My 8 year old saw it and was asking “mommy can I play”? I agree that the direct instruction still has to take place with regard to math. The web 2.0 tools are good for teachers to share best practices. I watched some cool videos of other math teachers on YOutube teaching and learned some cute tricks to teaching prime factorization and a song to the tune of we will rock you about changing decimals to fractions and percents. I also found this woman’s blog and wiki space that had awesome ideas and some power points for teaching math. I will have to find the links for them and email it to ya.

  2. mathwarlock Says:

    You might want to try a new kind of bait. I am no expert but maybe you should try worms or a fly instead of dog biscuits, unless you would like to keep catching Buster.

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