My Slippers on Twitpic

I figured out a new application called Twitpic that goes with twitter. I can post pictures from my phone to my Twitter account any time I want. I imagine that there is a more profound way to use Twitpic than postinggoofyslippers pictures of various slippers I wear, but I like people I have never met face to face to see my slippers. I think slippers say a lot about a person. This was my first picture that I posted to Twitpic…my Goofy Slippers. My dog Buster has chewed them up so they no longer have big black noses, but they still keep my feet warm.

The fact that 39 people have viewed my second entry of slippers from as far away as Bhaktapur, Nepal still amazes me. They are my Homer slippershomerslippers and they have also been chewed to pieces by my dogbustereats-leash Buster. Buster loves to chew things. In fact, on a trip we took recently to pick up some computers, he ate his leash. Hopefully, Buster won’t get dogslippers1a hold of my latest slippers my two sons bought me for Christmas. He has yet to attack this pair of slippers as he believes they might be related to him. Twitpic makes me think of the old saying that a picture can say 1000 words. I also believe that stories are better with pictures. I can say that my dog ate his leash or I can show you the picture of him eating his leash. To me, the picture is more meaningful. I believe that today’s students are more visual than ever before and we (teachers) should try to capitalize on this with the use of web 2.0 tools like Twitpic and Flickr. As my good friend Dean always says the C in ICT stands for communication and very often, a picture communicates so much more than words.

Since I began meeting other teachers on-line and developing both professional and personal relationships with them, I have shared things (like my slippers) that ordinarily I keep to myself. I love that I can show my friend Dean who has always wanted to see Montana, what an October Sky looks like on my way to work in a matter of moments.


Or I can send a tweet to show what my perspective is from my sled on the first day of Christmas break…


On a personal note, as a Christmas gift, my wife, kids, and I received an Australian vacation. I have met and friended many people on the islands of Jokaydia in Second Life, most of them from Australia. It will be very exciting to meet some of them in real life, next June, when my family and I go there.


One Response to “My Slippers on Twitpic”

  1. Yay! So exciting that the trip is official! I cant wait to see you guys in Aus! 😉 Merry Xmas!! xo

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