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Posted in Educational, Personal on January 28, 2009 by Mister A
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I have been tagged by Porchdragon to list and describe seven things that most people wouldn’t know about me. I met this guy on twitter when we both began following each other. He is a High School Physics teacher in New York State and says he likes a good laugh. He has his own educational blog and through our conversation I found and began reading his blog. His latest post was a Meme (still not sure what that means) that lists 7 things that most people wouldn’t know about him. Anyway…he was tagged to write the post and he tagged me so I am supposed to write a similar blogpost. Since I haven’t been motivated to write much lately I thought this might give me an opportunity to share some things about myself with the three people who read my blog. So here they are in no particular order…

1. I recently began playing World of Warcraft with a guild of edutech teachers. MMORPG’s are fascinating to me and I believe they or something similar hold a place in the future of education.

2. Before my knee became ruined for running, I finished eight marathons and one ultramarathon. I have since switched to cycling which is far less damaging to my knee, which was first injured in a high school basketball game many years ago.

3. I am of the opinion that larger women who wear thong underwear to the ski hill should refrain from bending over right in front of where I am sitting as I write this blog post.

4. Sometimes, I get up in the middle of the night and stick a chunk of chocolate in my mouth. My wife gets somewhat pissy with me when I fall back asleep while still sucking on the chocolate. Chocolaty drool stains are difficult to remove.

5. When I was 5 years old I smashed a wasp’s nest and was stung 19 times. It was only recently that I finally overcame my irrational fear of yellow jackets.

6. I sometimes make up stories to tell my middle school students that aren’t totally factual. It amazes me how surprised my students are when they first see my wife and realize that she has more than one eyebrow.

7. I named myself Teacherman79 because I am a teacher, I am a man and I am 79 years old. If you believe I am 79 years old, then you would have liked my first wife…She was a bungee jumping pirate.

I hope I satisfied the requirements of Porchdragon’s Tag and now he knows how I got my nick name as well…if he reads my blogpost…that will bring my readership to 4…maybe 5.

ski-picOn a personal note, I hate getting old. I am sitting in the ski lodge writing this blog post because my knee hurts when I ski too hard. I skied all morning and decided to stay in this afternoon and do some writing leaving my wife and kids to carve up the rest of the powder. Skiing is a great family sport…lots of time to talk on the chairlift and in the car on the way up to the hill. These family conversations with my wife and two sons are the best part of skiing…and I don’t really miss out on those conversations much by staying in the lodge and writing. Maybe my knee is telling me I need to write more…which isn’t such a bad thing, because I think writing is good for my soul…