Playing Games w/ Olmaxim


Henzimer - Dwarf Paladin

I played wow over the weekend with a young student from Australia. We completed some quests with one another as I tried to teach him some different aspects of the game. World of Warcraft allows players to share quests with each other so that they can learn from and collaborate with one another to accomplish goals. To me, the fact that I can work with a person thousands of miles away to complete missions, learn innovative technologies, and meet interesting new people is astounding…for him, it is NORMAL!!!


2 Responses to “Playing Games w/ Olmaxim”

  1. WoW – You are 75!!!!

  2. Deangroom Says:

    Add I this that when doing his science project this week, he said “I want jeff to look at it”. He values the time you take with him and has massive respect. And influence. Soon he’ll be asking math questions we can’t answer. But he knows where to ask. Thanks!

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