Re-defining MUVE

I have always looked at Multi-User Virtual Environments as places involving operation of an avatar, for the last year anyway.  As my definition has evolved, however, and after reading a post by Dean Groom, which contained the slideshare below, my definition has become much broader.  I now include all interactive websites including nings, blogs, wikis, googledocs, and microblogs like twitter, plurk, and Jaiku.  When I first became immersed in on-line education, Second Life was my primary means of virtual learning.  As time has progressed, I learn through each of the applications listed above at different times and in different ways.  I may be off track when I say this, but I believe that On-line learning can meet the needs of nearly all different learning styles.  Please tell me if I am off-track my mighty PLN…If I am…isn’t that how learning is…always changing…

On a personal note, I interviewed for a new position that begins in the fall and I got it.  I will be teaching middle school gifted education…excuse me…Extended Curricular Services…they had to change the name.  In the interview I talked a lot about web 2.0 tools and twenty first century learning.  (Scaffolding and What did you say DEAN?)  I hope that I can practice what I preach when fall comes and I hope that my students become as engaged as I get when I begin sharing what I have learnt (aussie spelling).  Now…I must get on my bike…

3 Responses to “Re-defining MUVE”

  1. libraian2007 Says:

    Hi, viewed Dean’s slide show and read about your interview. Nice going on teaching students 21st century skills as your priority. We could work together in the library media center on that. Yes, we should set up a class first thing in the fall to use QA. Just give me the dates so I can book the lab for you. Use the Vista lab, nicer set up for instruction and interaction with the students. I don’t know how much help I will be since I’ll be passing out textbooks in the very beginning. However, you can get the ball rolling on introducing QA to the students.

  2. libraian2007 Says:

    I updated my web page. Take a look. I wanted it easier on the eyes. Tell me what you think. I placed QA with the other posts. I’m not sure if anyone was looking at it.

  3. I think if you leave your website URL on a comment, Susan, then people will be able to utilize your name to link back to your website…Then I can just click on your name…

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