On a Soap Box…

henny_002I did my first solo Second Life presentation on Monday this week.  I was pretty nervous, but it ended up going pretty well.  I talked about my students’ use of Quest Atlantis in my classroom.  Usually Jokay or someone has been at presentations I’ve been involved with to jump in when I say something stupid or start rambling.  When you are by yourself , you just have to keep on talking, even if you say something stupid.  My hopes are that I didn’t say too many stupid things.  I don’t believe presentations should consist of simply a presenter sending information to his audience.  That is why I believe backchanneling is such a valuable tool.  Both the chat area in Second Life and a new tool called Etherpad were used to accomplish this goal.  When I went back and read the backchannel, I realized how many questions can be answered when people have the freedom to ask people other than just the presenter.  There were some pretty knowledgeable people at the presentation who were answering questions left and right.  Bronwyn Stuckey, my Quest Atlantis trainer/bouy was able to add to the conversation and answer several questions much better than I could have…again demonstrating the effectiveness of a good backchannel.  I also used a Google Doc for the slides I built which made it easy to share the links with others.

Kim Harrison, a good friend in Second Life, was the organizer of my presentation and was very helpful to me in getting things ready.  A lot goes into organizing one of those events, so thanks to both Thunder and Mandie for all your help.  Scott Merrick was also there to add to the conversation and he even took some pictures.  Finally, if you were there, and did not get your personalized flying pig, contact Henny Zimer, and he will give you one.

edin runninOn a personal note, my son recently ran in the 800 meter dash at our divisional city track meet.   I was really hoping that he would win, but he usually does better in longer running events…He just loves to run.  Anyways, I had to settle for him taking fourth which was good enough to qualify for the all city meet.  For him, however, it wasn’t settling at all.  He came to my wife and I and said in a very excited way, “SWEET!!! I took fourth and I get to go to city.”  Winning is not everything to my son…He ran his hardest and loves to run.  For him, that has always been enough…I often wish I were more like my son.


4 Responses to “On a Soap Box…”

  1. I think you’ve graduated the stupid questions buddy, look at the list of people and things you’re now teaching people about – welcome to the stupid club … it’s good to be a connected minority. Running is stupid, buy the kid a bike.

  2. You were awesome, as I knew you would be. I don’t understand the worry! We were so lucky to have you. I hope you will come again next year.
    I’m sad to say no one here has said, “Yes, you can use Quest Atlantis with kids in VB!” they haven’t said, “no” either but I’m so disappointed about SL not being allowed through the firewall that I’m not getting my hopes up for QA.
    Thanks for being a friend, fun, and intelligent! Proud to know you!

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  4. Mandie Mimulus Says:

    Henny, Please come do your second solo SL presentation on VSTE Island anytime and bring the flying pigs. We all enjoyed working with you and learned much from you. You inspire us!

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