Day 4 – Jas

I met a man named Jas in Auckland.  He was extraordinarily friendly and we had some great conversation. He has his masters in Information Technologies and works the grave yard shift at the Esquire Coffee Shop in down town Auckland.  I found him when I was seeking out a cafe that possessed free wifi service.  We had the most interesting discussion with regards to IMG_0193education.  It is so satisfying to me to find others who possess the same types of beliefs I do with regards to education.  He has traveled extensively and has experiences that I could only imagine having and seem to have molded him into the kind person he seemed to me to be.  He talked about how much he loves to learn new things and meet new people and that very often people were not as friendly to him as I was being.  He spoke four different languages and hopes to someday help New Zealand with their country’s wireless infrastructure.  He seemed like just the man to do it as his expertise was in Networking.

He was educated and raised in the United Kingdom and he earned his masters degree from Preston.  I truly wish that some of the students I have had this man’s passion for learning.  He believed that the best teachers are also learners who write about their experiences often.  I tend to agree with him as it seems that my blog has had the effect of improving my experiences and their meaningfulness to my life.  He told me he loves to do random acts of kindness to people who are kind to him, so stop in and say hello to him.  I hope to meet him again someday in real life, but in the mean time…Facebook will have to be enough.


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