Day 5 – Sunshine Coast…Nigel nearly starts on fire…


Adam Dancing on the Sunshine Coast

We arrived late yesterday so we could not really see where we were until we awoke on this day.  We were staying at a resort called the twin waters novotel and man was it ever fancy.  I think the only reason our tour could afford staying there was because it is currently the off season.  Our room was on a beautiful lake with a variety of noisemaking birds acting as our alarm clocks.  I was able to enjoy my morning coffee watching the sun come up on the sunshine coast of Australia.  I then was able to go for a very slow run up the beach from our resort.  It may have been one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  There was no nasty sea weed and I a small town called called Mooloolaba decorated this beaches South end.

Edin with babes on a boat

Edin with babes on a boat

When I arrived back at the hotel I let my family know how beautiful the beach was and we had to rush over there to get a little over an hour of beach time in before we took the bus ride up to Hervey Bay.  My kids enjoy playing in the surf and we had our first experience with an Australian lifeguard named chris who used his large microphone to call my two boys out of rip current and place them properly in front of the flags where people are supposed to swim.  the ocean and beaches are the coolest places to my kids as we do no have them in Montana.   We spent most of the afternoon on a bus (Thank God Nigel didn’t start on fire) to Hervey bay where we caught a catamaran to Fraser Island where we would first meet my friend Dean and his family…Face to Face for the very first time.


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