, Plurk, and My PLN

Picture 3I have been using an application called for about a year but just began to realize some great ways to utilize it a little more effectively to improve communication with my PLN.  Last summer I became very involved with a microblogging tool called Plurk.  I developed what I consider a fine network of teachers in that application but it seemed to be competing with my twitter network.  When school started last fall, I quit plurking as often and relied more on my twitter network to communicate with my PLN.  Plurk is like twitter but runs a little differently in that each conversation has its own box so you don’t have to sift through several conversations to understand what is being said.  I believe the Picture 4same thing can be done with tweetdeck but then I would be missing out on the tremendous information possessed by the teachers I have come to know on Plurk.

I found ping last fall but only recently realized that I could utilize my phone to send a message to a variety of different networking applications including among others: Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Posterous, WordPress, Tumblr, and Flickr.  I love to be able to document the things I am doing and share them with people.  I am still uncertain about how many of these applications are going to make me a better teacher (anyone have any suggestions…please comment), but I think twenty-first century learning skills are mostly about communication…and allows me to communicate with pictures, video, images, and words across whichever of my networks I choose.  I have begun using these tools to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers in my practice and I believe they will use similar tools to communicate with me…hopefully…fingers crossed.  They are already using web2.0 tools in their personal lives…Why not in school too?

Picture 5On a personal note, I believe I am reaching a milestone as a parent.  One of my two children is starting middle school in the Fall.  I am thankful for my experience in dealing with 12 – 15 year olds but sometimes trying to understand their thought process can be a bit difficult.  I recently began reading a book called “Yes, Your Teen is Crazy”.  The author, Dr. Mike Bradley, recommends viewing your teen as an infant when having conversations with him.  It may improve your patience.  I have tried that with some success…and also…giving him a kiss on his cheek whenever possible seems to work.

Edin gettin a kiss on the cheek by Dad

Edin gettin a kiss on the cheek by Dad


One Response to “, Plurk, and My PLN”

  1. From someone that at one time spent just as much time on twitter as on plurk…

    I actually stopped following twitter people who did both, still keep a couple. Figured if I already read their stuff on one, don’t need to see it on both. I did use ping for “announcement” type things. Come see my class do this live…sort of thing.

    Good luck with middle school. Our school is K-6, then middle. We have one more year here!

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