Blogging on a Bus

Davey and me sharing lunch

Davey and me sharing lunch

I am on the bus traveling to Moodle Bootcamp in Eatonville Washington. Since my stupid new wireless card won’t allow me to play WoW…I thought it might be a great opportunity to write a blog post. I attended a Great Falls blogger luncheon and party yesterday and I met some pretty nice people. I have looked at a couple of the blogs but political blogging is not really my thing. I am not much of a debater and I am not as certain of myself as some of the others who attended the luncheon. One topic that came up regarding reasons we blog. I blog for a variety of reasons and I hope none of my motives are hidden, but I believe the main reason I blog is because it makes me a better learner. Blogging requires that I think through various aspects of a different issues in a thoughtful and reflective way. It also provides me with an audience (albeit much smaller than the bloggers I met yesterday) who really care about what I have to say and in many cases sometimes even give me serious feedback.

da bus

The Bus to Moodlebootcamp...teh qantas of buses

When I blog, I usually am not trying to convince people of anything…(or am I?). A couple of the people thought that was what blogging was all about…convincing people of something. I would like to think that sharing how I utilize and integrate technology in my classroom is as important as anything I do on my blog. My motives for blogging are always changing, I am sure at times I have blogged for poor reasons…but usually when I have blogged for attention, vanity, or convincing someone they are wrong…that is when I have learned the most about myself. My hope is that I can share how blogging has helped me learn with my students and about developing what one of the bloggers talked about yesterday…COMMUNITY. When he talked about community I believe he was talking about the same thing I talk about when i discuss my Personal Learning Network. This little machine on my lap allows me to communicate, collaborate, and have friendships/relationships with people who 10 even 5 years ago…It would not have been possible for me to do. I am a bit introverted but all these networking tools have helped me overcome some of those weaknesses…perhaps even someday, help me turn them into strengths.


I wanna ride my bike up to the base of this

On a personal note, they let me stick my bike on the bus…hopefully I will be able to ride my bicycle up to the foot of Mt. Ranier.  I love riding my bike up mountains…its probably one of my favorite things to do…and dang it…they just changed the plans to come home early…I don’t know if I get to ride my bike up MT Rainier now…Guess I will find out when I get there…:)


5 Responses to “Blogging on a Bus”

  1. It was nice to meet you at the blogfest. I am looking forward to your posts about this bootcamp. AJ says HI!

    • teacherman79 Says:

      Wow…It was nice to meet you as well…and also to have someone else from GF actually read my blog…I hope AJ’s memories of me or good ones…tell him I said hi as well…

  2. teacherman79 Says:

    Oh yeah…another reason I blog…is because it is truly becoming fun to write.

  3. Tracy Fitzwater Says:

    Jeff, do better than ride up to the bottom of Mt. Rainier – do RAMROD – Ride Around Mt. Rainier In One Day! It’s an organized ride; my husband has ridden it twice. It can be slightly brutal, the weather can be a mixed bag of everything, but I know that the sense of accomplishment Wayne had was something else. The Park Service limits the number of riders (or at least it used to), so it’s an honor to be able to do this one. Wayne hasn’t ridden it for a few years, so here’s a link with more info.

    Tracy from Moodle Boot Camp

    • teacherman79 Says:

      Thanks Tracy…I love riding my bicycle long distances…I did the STP ride a few years ago…and man that was fun…I will definitely look into the RAMROD ride…I have actually looked into it before…Thanks for reading my blog:)

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