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Days 10,11,12 – Meetin the Jokaydians

Posted in PLN, Vacation on July 2, 2009 by Mister A

I envy people who can spit out quality blog posts in a matter of minutes like a guy I met at NECC09 named teachpaperless.  Anyhow, our final days in Australia were spent in Sydney with several people who I have come to regard as very close friends even though this was the first time I met them face to face.

Jokaydians on a boat to Manly

Jokaydians on a boat to Manly

I wanted to put some thought into this post so that is the reason I have waited this long to write it.  Second Life has changed numerous things about my life both professionally and personally.  When I tell people I have met a variety of friends and colleagues on an island called Jokaydia in Second Life they usually cringe unless I add that I met them while working on my masters degree (which is somewhat of a half truth).  I really met them (My Jokaydian Friends) when I was exploring, playing, and discovering a new way to learn and trying to avoid doing my masters work.  I learned far more from discussions with these people than I learned from all the professional development I have completed in my 15 years as an educator, including my masters work.  Personal Learning Networks are the most powerful learning tool in the world and I am very lucky to be able to call Jokaydia a very large part of mine.  My experience in Sydney, similar to my experience at NECC09, was affirmation that the friends and colleagues I have met, collaborated with, and learned from in on-line environments are as real and meaningful as, or perhaps even more real and meaningful than many I have made in F2F environments.  Thank you ALL for teaching me SO MUCH! Click the thank you for a Jokaydian slideshow!

On a personal note, my ears have finally nearly completed healed from a young man successfully proving to me that my ears are no where near as tough and strong as I had once believed.

aussie trip 116

Ashton yankin on my ears while jokaydians look on