Christmas Eve, My PLN, and Blogging from the Ski Hill

My dad came over for dinner on Christmas Eve and he made the mistake of asking me why my computer kept making strange bird noises. I spent the next 45 minutes explaining what my Personal Learning Network (PLN) was to my mystified (okay, confused) 71-year-old father. I showed him Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, and Second Life. I almost showed him World of Warcraft, but when he told me he was understanding about a tenth of what I was telling him, I came to the conclusion that explaining my exploits with an Australian Death Knight named Vorsprung in the great land of Azeroth might be a bit much for my aging father. My dad has a computer that he never uses but I believe if he attempted to understand and utilize his toy, he would really enjoy it.

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On a personal note, I went skiing twice over the Christmas break and I just can’t ski as hard as I use to. I still think it is a fantastic way to spend time with my wife and two sons. Two or more hours stuck with each other either in the car or on a chair lift provide us with plenty of opportunities for talking and enjoying each other on a totally different level. And if I need to take more breaks because of my old age, the ski lodge just got wireless…SWEET!!!


3 Responses to “Christmas Eve, My PLN, and Blogging from the Ski Hill”

  1. mmmm, snow …. swap you for sand …. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Jeff – Happy New Year out there in the big sky country. I came to your blog while googling QA. I’ve been running it a couple of years in my class also. Anyway, what I’m interested in is the reading motivation that comes from QA. Have you noticed that struggling readers somehow find a way to be better readers, either by enlisting the aid of nearby friends or just by trying harder in the effort to do QA missions? I have observed exactly that phenomenon and it is so cool. I have one 4th grader who reads at a 1st grade level, but he is very attracted to QA. So I’m leaning toward my dissertation somehow connected to reading motivation/achievement and the connection to QA, narrative based virtual learning. My kids blog at Cheers.


    • teacherman79 Says:


      I know I have read about some studies that they have done in those initial North Carolina schools about reading improvement for lower level readers. I agree that students are incredibly motivated to read but to problem solve as well. I think one of the coolest things about it is that often, they don’t even realize how much reading they are doing. I know that sometimes my middle school students tend to rush through and not read as carefully as they should. Many need reminders to read more carefully. That might just be a middle school thing though.

      I am planning on doing a blogging unit in the Fall with my students and now I know whose brain I can pick:) Thank you for reading my blog…


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