My 79th Blog Post

This is my 79th blog post.  I want it to be something spectacular and extraordinary.  You see, 79 is by far, my favorite number, and no, it isn’t because I was born or graduated in the year 1979.  It is because I am a teacher, a man, and I am 79 years old.  When I tell my students that I am 79 years old, a good portion of them actually believe me.  They are like, “WoW, you are older than my Grandpa!”  I tell them I love being 79 because it is a prime number and I love the PRIME Numbers.  I say to them, “In fact, if I were any kind of a number you know what kind of a number I would be?”… and they all respond, “PRIME”.  This is when I throw them a curve ball and say, “nope, IMAGINARY“.  Sometimes I will actually begin teaching my 12, 13, and 14 year old students about the set of imaginary numbers and although a few of the more mathematically gifted students in my classrooms vaguely grasp the concept, it usually goes over most of their heads.

This blog post makes me wonder why I continue to blog and I guess this guy said it best when he said to blog for yourself…reflecting about how and why you teach will only make you a better teacher.  And I very badly want to be a better teacher…which is better than being a mailman.


4 Responses to “My 79th Blog Post”

  1. happy 79th post. A shame you aren’t actually 79 years old. Old folks have a lot to teach those damned young folks.

    Still, I admire anyone who is willing to become a teacher. I can think of few more important careers.

    All the best

    • teacherman79 Says:

      Thank you for your comment, crabbyoldfart. I read your blog and I totally agree that “Old folks have a lot to teach those damned young folks.” I really liked your blog and think I am just about at the age where I am supposed to call you Don…wait…I have to get 3 comments approved first. too funny.

  2. This post just makes me darned happy. I’ve been out of the classroom for a few years and your post has me recall the role of humor in the classroom– for climate and for digging into important topics. After a while kids became sweet pranksters themselves– A student left cookies on my doorstep on Halloween night with a mysterious, anonymous message. Another brought me an orange in in which he’d carefully disguised an apple underneath the rind. Another brought me a magic banana that was already slices within a seemingly unmolested peel. What kids, what joy. What memories.

    • teacherman79 Says:

      Thank you for commenting on my blog, Jane. I don’t know if you remember me, but I actually met you last year at NECC. I utilized many of the ideas in your book when I planned my first PBL unit for my gifted students in my new job. Your book was helpful in my planning so thanks for writing it:).

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