Fifteen – Minute Work Shops

Teaching web 2.0 applications is hard.  In the grant that Dean Groom and Jo Kay helped me write, there was a component on providing staff development in the area of web applications.  We finally received the seven sweet computers from the grant money, so I was able to finally get started with this part of what I said I would do with the grant money.  I held my first small workshop with several teachers at the middle school where I teach yesterday and staying on track was difficult.  My goal was to get the teachers started on Google Docs and the first thing we had to do was set up a Google Account.  I wanted it to be as hands on as possible, so I had computers ready to go for everyone.  Some of the teachers didn’t want to sit at a computer and just wanted to soak in the presentation.  I think I made the mistake of thinking EVERYONE LEARNS LIKE ME when I assumed they would all want to be at a computer working along with me.

This guy helped me write the grant...the one that's not a dog

I was able to get several of the attendees to a place where they created and shared a Google Document and I think they enjoyed a couple of the examples I provided of how Google Docs are used in the classroom.  I don’t know if they will continue utilizing the application, but I hope they have a better understanding of the read/write web.  I also hope some of them come back to my session on wiki’s next week.  I plan to be more focused and have a better plan in the next 15-minute workshop I teach.  I actually found that I enjoyed teaching teachers…I hope some of them felt the same way.

I used a cool new application called Prezi I found at a workshop I attended a few weeks ago.  They offer free education accounts to teachers and I embedded my Prezi below if you wanted to take a look at it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “15 Minute WS Google Docs“, posted with vodpod

2 Responses to “Fifteen – Minute Work Shops”

  1. Mary Jahner Says:

    Hi, Jeff As I said before: I wonder how my life would have been different if I would have had a teacher like you? I enjoy reading your blog. Love Ya, Mary

    • teacherman79 Says:

      It looks like you might be getting high speed out at the farm:) Thanks for the kind words…I am glad you found my blog somehow.

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