SWSR Principals – Blog Post #83

Dean Groom recently asked me to respond to a form regarding one thing principals can do to close the the gap between how teachers encounter and use ICT in the classroom — and how their students encounter and use it outside the classroom.  CLICK ME TO ACCESS THE FORM.  My response was as follows:

One thing school principals can do to facilitate positive change is to gain an understanding of what a PLN (Professional Learning Network) is.  Once that understanding is gained I believe they should encourage teachers to utilize and develop their own PLN.  The use of a PLN should be promoted as the newest and best way to keep up with the incredibly rapid rate at which our world and education are changing.  A teacher, or anyone else for that matter, cannot possibly know everything…but he does need to understand and know how TO FIND ANYTHING OUT and a PLN is a resource that can do just that.  A powerful PLN will close the gap for an INDIVIDUAL TEACHER, and for his/her students as well, faster than anything else.

Dean Groom helped me win this award for classroom computers

Dean Groom is the greatest sword fighter in all the world and a hacker and a pizza delivery guy too.


2 Responses to “SWSR Principals – Blog Post #83”

  1. j9defteacher Says:

    Hey Congrats on getting your grant and on still updating and maintaining your blog and PLN. I really need to get back into utilizing and developing my PLN. Can I join yours?

  2. This is truth! My district provides amazing professional development. The department of technology in my district brings in international speakers and puts on a terrific two day conference for those in my job. My principal gives me a free rein to try new technologies with teachers and students. That’s all great, but without the professionals and friends around the world who feed me through my PLN I would have far less to bring to the plate. Jeff, you hit the nail on the head!

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