More on Adobe Connect Conference #2

Recently, Dean Groom ran the second of two web conferences with my students at East Middle School in Great Falls, MT.  Several teachers who I consider to be in my PLN attended and provided feedback for my students.  I sent my students a wikimail asking what they thought of the web conference.  Here are some of their responses:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity that we had to be involved in the deangroom web conference. It was awesome to listen to other people present their creative story ideas. That and the fact that a whole bunch of people heard my voice and saw my computer! It was so cool.
I want to… no scratch that… I WILL be a famous author when I’m older. After I have written my stories, I will need to share them to hundreds of people. This was a great practice for me when I present. It was also great practice for me to get up and share my exciting mini saga. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity Mr. A!” – Andi D. 7th Grade

“I thought that the web conference was really neat. I loved meeting a guy in Australia, and I don’t think I would have any other way. I love talking to people with accents, and it’s even cooler when the accents are real. It was interesting to have the pressure of “teachers all over the world” listening to us as we gave our presentations. This seemed like a very advanced program, and it was a great experience. I think the web conference has good potential to help people in the future.” – Amanda M. – 8th Grade

“I really liked presenting my story review to Dean Groom. I thought that it was helpful when he gave me feedback on my review and on how I presented. I also liked the sidebar where you could write and recieve comments from your classmates. I thought that was helpful because it was a quick and easy way for me to see what everyone else thought about my review. Those are a few reasons why I liked the Dean Groom web conference.” – Tara C. – 8th Grade

“I really liked how we got use new types of technology I didn’t know that computers could do that. Also I liked meeting dean groom and “getting” a free kangaroo.  Also I liked having the opportunity to see other people in ECS. Another way I liked was having a chance to hear other peoples stories. Some of the stories sound really interesting and I want to read them when I buy the book.” – Bailey B. – 7th Grade

“I really liked the webinar. I love how I was able to present to people all over the world. I thought that was pretty amazing. I thought it was cool how anyone else would ever care, especially. 😉 <333”                          – Kirsten W. – 8th Grade

“Last Friday, when we explained our stories at the web conference, I presented my paragraph. I thought that giving a presentation to someone not located in the same room as you was a good experience. Usually, students present to the class, or not at all but with the web conference, we could present to anyone around the world, and hear feedback about our presentation through the mikes provided.
If I had the opportunity to do this again, I would. It would be even better if more people were informed and could join in on the web conference. Another positive benefit of this is that it promoted our book, causing many people around the world to take part in reading it. I think that classrooms in America should do this more often.” – Anna L. – 8th Grade

“I thought that the web conference was very cool. It is pretty amazing that people from all over the world can listen to our web conference. I also thought that the fact that dean groom stayed up so long with us was pretty awesome, so I would love to be included in another one of these web conferences.” – Jared E. – 7th Grade

“I thought that the web conference was pretty cool because you can talk to people from all over the world. You also get to look at your story from other people’s point of view.” – Earl G. – 8th Grade

“I thought it was a lot funner then giving a speech in front of a class. I was kind of nervous but after it seemed fine. It was pretty cool though for talking about your story.”  Brandon B. –  7th Grade

“I liked a couple of things about the web conference. First, I enjoyed Mr. Groom’s feedback and his voice made me giggle. I liked how you could instantly receive feedback. I also liked how it helped me practice my presentation skills and I was instantly told I was talking too fast. Because of the real-time web conference, I was told to slow down and I could start my presentation over.” – Emma M. – 8th Grade

“I really really liked the web conference. I think it was amazingly cool that we could talk and a bunch of people who weren’t in our room could hear us and see what we were doing. It was a really fun way to share information. It made me think about how I presented my story because some of the people listening didn’t know me, or what my story was about, as is usually the case when we have class projects. It was cool for me as a writer to tell people about my book. I really liked the web conference. It was the most fun we’ve had in ecs all year.” – Zoie K. – 8th Grade

My classroom had no walls during that web conference.  I think the day is coming when classrooms as we know them will be much different.  They will be more like my classroom was on the day of the adobe connect conference.  I don’t know when, and I don’t know exactly how it will happen, but in order to teach and learn from others, you no longer need to be in the same PHYSICAL space.


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