Adam's Picture of our bus

I bought a new Volkswagen Bus today.  I have always wanted one but never really took the risk to buy one.  I ran into a little extra money that has been burning a hole in my bank so I thought it might be time as I have become very good friends with another VEEDUB HOUND.  I was really struggling with the logistics of the whole deal as the van is in Waukegan, IL, just south of Milwaukee.  I was getting shipment bids and trying to figure how I could give a guy a check and get the title signed all at the same time 1300 miles away.  I didn’t want the van to be sitting in a warehouse waiting for the Great Falls, Montana trailer to fill up which I imagine happens about once a year. I really wanted to just fly out and drive it home.  I figured that would solve many of the logistical issues I was facing.

Westfalia Buses are Da Bomb

The reason I wanted a van is to spend time with my family.  I want to take long, slow, road trips with them where we can talk and see things together that none of us have ever seen before.  As I was struggling with how I could get the bus paid for and into my driveway…the thought occurred to me that there probably is no slower road trip than the one from Milwaukee to Great Falls, so I looked on Expedia for one way flights to Milwaukee.  Three tickets were half the cost of having someone else ship the van to me, on their own time frame.  One of the best things about be a teacher and a parent is SUMMERTIME FREEDOM.  My two sons and I will be flying to Milwaukee, WI in a few weeks to pick up our new van and hope to have one of the most memorable adventures of our lives.

On a personal note, I just joined triple AAA auto club.  I understand they offer free towing for broken down VEEDUB buses.  I am so looking forward to making some lasting new memories in our newest family member.


2 Responses to “VeeDub”

  1. Not only is it a bus. Its a factory fit Westfalia Camper. In it’s day, it would have been very expensive. A testament to quality that it will give another 30 years of enjoyment. You like in a perfect place for it. Every bus has it’s own personality, but if looked after, provide faithful service and reliability. You are so right about the memories, spending quality time with kids is amplified – I treasure every trip with the kids – as one day, they’ll be all grown up.

    Volkswagenism is a sub-culture – and I guarantee, you will draw a crowd at campgrounds. The is nothing cooler than bus-ownership.


  2. You need one on the Grid now!

    Gratz – I like the green

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