My Chinese Name is 刘 文轩

刘 文轩 is my new Chinese name…It was given to me by my new friend, Howeiyan, whom I met on a farm in the middle of North Dakota.  We are attempting to connect our classrooms using a variety of web tools.

Agamenoni didn’t translate very well into Chinese, so Mr. Howe had to change things up a bit.  The first character is the family name, Liu (pronounced with a rising tone). It is a very old, and distinguished family name. The next two are my given name (what they use as our first name) 文轩 is a name that describes a man who is full of knowledge and kind, very scholarly. Wen (the first character of the given name) is pronounced with a rising tone and xuan, the second character of the given name is pronounced with a slightly elevated pitch. It literally means high, but together with wen is what I described earlier.  Howeiyan told me not to ask why and that he would explain the name and the pronunciations sometime on skype.  I will enjoy the new name!

I have no idea how this will work, as networking with a classroom in a country as different from ours as China might be a bit difficult.  Mr. Howe and I are going to try though, and probably LEARN a ton in the mean time.


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