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你们很漂亮 – You are Beautiful

Posted in Educational on April 16, 2011 by Mister A

I have not blogged since October so I guess I haven’t been the most reflective teacher lately or perhaps I have just reflected in other ways.  Blogging takes a lot of time and I guess I am not doing it (blogging) for anyone else but me.  Many interesting things have happened in my classroom and in my life since last October.  But yesterday, I had a guy living in Jishou, China spend the day in my classroom teaching my students (and me) a very cool lesson on the Chinese Language.  Sometimes when you teach, you feel good about a lesson, and you tell yourself…Wow, that was cool.  This was definitely one of those times.  My kids were engaged, enthralled, and spent the day telling all their friends “they were beautiful” in the Chinese Language.

Andrew is my teacher

My friend, Andrew (Howeiyan) told my students a joke about how Americans tend to be a bit self centered when it comes to learning a new language to make a point to my students.  I believe that other countries perceptions of us and understanding those perceptions is more important than ever before for our students.  Having an American teacher in China shed some light on some of those perceptions is extremely powerful (厉害).  He is an extremely good teacher, and not only did he teach my students several things yesterday, but he taught me, many things as well.  I was very lucky on that day last summer in North Dakota when I met him.  谢谢我的 老师。