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Thanks Lindsay

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2012 by Mister A

I have been going through some feedback I ask students for at the end of each quarter I teach them.  Here is one of my favorites from my first year as a GAT Specialist…Thanks Lindsay:)

I enjoyed this quarter and the whole year of ECS a ton! I knew everyday when I drove to school that I had something fun to look forward to. ECS was definitely the most fun class I had this year.
I liked the Animal Farm unit we did because it is a great book, and even though I had read it before, I never understood the symbolism. Now I know what the book means and I feel a lot smarter. The vocab quiz was tough, but I was fine with all the other work for the book. The thought questions really made me thought (are they suppose to do that?) and I thought the word webs were really good. I learned what the word meant, it’s part of speech, how to use it in a sentence, and a lot more.Next, I had a lot of fun with the Dean Groom activities. I learned how to be really creative and fun, but at the same time became a better writer. I loved how funny you were when we were having a hard time with them. ie ‘Lain by the bunny, the eggs were deliciously chocolate!’ It was a lot of fun.
I also had a lot of fun writing by tales of Utopia story. I basically got to be creative and have fun writing a story, and show my understanding of Animal Farm by incorporating the theme of Utopia. I thought it was great that Dean did the webinar conference with us where we were able to practice presenting to an audience. He also helped us make some little changes that really helped.
Now, the Perfect Classroom projects. I thought they were fun and I liked working with a partner to createour own Utopia. I liked being able to share what I thought about school and what I thought would make it a Utopia.
Last, I would have to say my most favorite thing to do was play Quest Atlantis. It was a video game and a learning tool at the same time,which I would have to say really helped. I liked how I had my missions on QA and it made me feel really important. I learned a lot from Scoop Perry and his persuasive writing tool. You need to have a thesis, reason, and example. I also learned how to argue with something I don’t necessarily agree with in the articles and it helped me to learn how to keep an open mind.
Over all… ECS was amazing!!!! I am going to miss it so much during the fourth quarter and the summer. I look forward to it next year. and.. Thanks soooo much Mr. A!