Mid year – Goal Post #4

I have not been keeping up very well with my daily reflections as I have become busy working on some things that I discovered while reflecting.  At a staff meeting, Tammy suggested it would be good to develop some type of hybrid course for the A Game curriculum Julie has begun teaching in our program.  I have spent a great deal of time working with Julie on putting the lessons she has developed on a wiki.  The wiki can be found by clicking this sentence.

This wiki is really the 5th result or change I have made as a result of reflection.  I knew that developing a type of hybrid course, or at least a place to gather lesson materials, ideas, and resources could be very effectively done with the use of a wiki, so that is what Julie and I began doing.  Not only has it helped me learn more about the A Game and how to deliver instruction regarding those work ethic values, but I believe that it has helped Julie become more effective as well.  A lot has changed in educational technology since Julie left the classroom several years ago, that I believe can help teachers be more effective in a few ways.  I helped Julie learn some of this new technology, and although she is already an extremely effective teacher, I think some of the things I taught her may have helped her be even more effective.

The wiki is private so if you would like to take a look at it, let me know and I can give you a dummy account. It really isn’t meant to stand alone, but more as a collection point for teacher lessons, slide images, videos, and curricular packets.  We have been collecting those things to help us deliver the curriculum more effectively, either in small group or one on one settings.  It has been fun to do this and I have enjoyed learning more about the work ethic values taught in the A Game curriculum.korb trees1

In conclusion, I have made five changes in my practice now as a result of my reflection.  These changes have helped my students, my coworkers and me, improve our effectiveness in the classroom.  Becoming more regular in my daily reflection and simply teaching the weldjulie has a bearding program the way I teach are the first two ideas I implemented in my teaching practice.  Change 3 was creating a supplementary course in edready for the welding course I began teaching last fall.  The fourth change I made was to begin practicing gratitude on a more regular basis.  The final idea I began implementing in my teaching practice is described in the preceding paragraphs. I am having an excellent year.  The addition of Julie to our staff, has brought everybody up a level in their effectiveness.  It is nice to teach with someone that you really click with.





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