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Recap of 2015/16 Professional Goals

Posted in 2015 - 2016 Professional Reflection on May 10, 2016 by Mister A

Before you read my recap, watch this video I made to provide motivation to my students who were about to take the Compass test.

  1. What were your successes this year? (Student, personal. School or other)

I think the biggest success for me was teaching the welding program.  I truly enjoyed that.  The students loved math which was a bit of a change from my ordinary Adult Education students.  I became more reflective as a result of my goals which not only helped my confidence level, but I think made things better for my students as well. I have heard that it takes at least 3 or 4 years to be at your best in a teaching position.  I feel like I am really in a great spot in my career and increasing my effectiveness in the classroom more each year.

  1. What were your goals and what progress did you make? Evidence of?

Goal 1 – 4E – Reflecting on professional practice and engaging in a professional learning community

Reflecting on a regular basis has really been beneficial so far this year.  As a result of my reflection I have made several changes and improvements to my professional practice.  I relied on my own expertise as a teacher in developing materials for my Math for Welding class. Julie and I worked together to develop a wiki to collect and deliver instruction for the “A” Game curriculum.  I developed an edready course for implementation with welding students that was used with several of our students. It addressed all of the objectives from the math for welding course, and provided another avenue for students to practice and master those objectives in a different manner.  Not only did it help future welding students prepare for the course but it also helped current, struggling students review and practice those objectives in a new way.

Goal 2 – 3E – Using assessment in Instruction

For this goal, I had my students do all their work for me in a mathematics journal.  I corresponded with them in this journal, and provided feedback on where they are at in our mathematics curriculum.  It provided me a forum for checking for student understanding more effectively, and also a place where my students can also use reflection just how I did in the previous goal, about how, when, why, and where they learn the most effectively.  It was pretty effective for our regular students and also the welding class.  It will be something I will continue to incorporate.

  1. Any disappointments for the year?


  1. What will you want to do differently next year in advisement and in your classroom?

We are thinking of possibly shifting the schedule around a bit to possibly meet the needs of a larger number of students.

  1. How can I help you?

Continue to support Tammie and all the staff up here exactly as you have been and that is more than enough help.  I think our staff is very cohesive and effective, especially with Tammie at the helm and also with the addition of Julie Korb.

  1. Any key areas or ideas you want us to explore for a Paris focus for next year?


  1. How has the trauma informed information helped you this year?  Where do we go next with this topic?

We were already pretty aware of this.  I think we became increasingly aware through the training however, and as a result, I think it made us all more patient, tolerant, sensitive and helpful to our students who have come from traumatic backgrounds.  I think next year, it would be good to continue to be included in those trainings.

  1. Any final thoughts, ideas, concerns or suggestions?

The staff continues to become increasingly cohesive in how we work together.  We have become even more effective in helping our students achieve their goals.  Tammy is an OUTSTANDING Program Coordinator and Julie Korb very simply makes everyone around her more effective.