About me

  • I am a mathematics instructor and adjunct professor  living in the big sky country. I previously taught middle school gifted and talented kids for several years where I really started to love teaching as my profession and passion.  I am a lifelong learner and lover of emerging technologies. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful sons. I think the applications found in environments like Blogs, Wikispaces, MUVEs, Social Networks and read/write web tools have changed the way we need to teach our students. Teachers are no longer transferers of information. We need to begin teaching children and adults how to learn in a world where anytime, anywhere learning is quickly becoming the norm. I started this blog because I want to be a better teacher; I continue to blog because it has made and is making me a better learner. I love to LEARN…It is like very good chocolate to me. And finally, I am very close friends with a man named Bill W. and when I forget about that friendship, I am screwed.
About this Blog:
  • I began this blog to share what I was doing in my classroom with persons who I call my Personal Learning Network. They are a group of educators who I have become associated with through a variety of web 2.0 type tools including blogs, microblogs, Second Life and a variety of other social networking applications. I have begun relying on that network of teachers and educators to make informed decisions on how to be the best possible teacher I can in this, the twenty-first century. My PLN has helped me, as I hope I have helped them, in a variety of ways through my blog. They share with me similar experiences they have had as I share with them current experiences that I am having. My blog is a tool that I use to become a more reflective father, husband, teacher, coach, and person. The people in my PLN have shared with me a wealth of knowledge while asking for nothing in return. I hope that in some small way my blog will help me help someone else in the same way I have been helped.
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5 Responses to “About me”

  1. webmaths Says:

    Cool blog teacherman! I have added a link to your blog on my Webmaths blog. [Jeff Trevaskis] [Another middle school Maths teacher]

  2. Hello! I did my homework Teacherman! – SL beta viewer, and Blog of one of my papers! birdiechamp.wordpress.com–also love Prezi! Thanks so much for your advice!
    Roselle Bolissima, AKA Colleen (Birdie) Champ

  3. Hi, I am a teacher too from BRazil and I found this page. Very interesting. I wanna talk to you about a project that I am developing here to show the differences between countries and cultures. Can you add me on msn? Thank you for your attention.
    Best regerds,

  4. Hello! I am a teacher in Colorado and am thinking of starting my Master’s through Walden (tech in the classroom) also… what did you think of the program? How long did it take you to complete and about how much time did you devote per week? Thanks!

    • The program was okay. I think I worked 10 to 15 hours each week. I finished in two years and now I have a piece of paper that says I have my masters degree. As far as learning really important things, I have to say that the coolest/best things I learned (continue to learn), though, were not actually in the program. I learn more from the PLN I have developed than anything I learned from Walden. I would really look into it, maybe check out some other schools too. My PLN exists in all kinds of places. I think a person can learn more about tech in the classroom by developing a good PLN than any other way. If you have questions about how I develop(ed) my PLN, let me know. I hope this helps.

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