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Agate – One Year Later

Posted in Educational, Humor, PLN on April 16, 2010 by Mister A

I came to this conference last year and wrote a post about my experience at it.  I am now going to quote myself from that blog post.

“Either I am an internet addict or everyone else at this conference in Missoula, MT is digitally illiterate.”

That might be the first time I have ever been quoted:)  Blogs are cool because you can look back and see what was happening and what you were thinking.  AGATE is our State’s Gifted and Talented conference and I think it stands for Association for Gifted and Talented Education.  I was among a scattering of teachers who were using a computer at that conference and it seems that there are even fewer at this conference.  I am definitely the only one on twitter here and who uses his computer to connect to a larger network of teachers.  It makes me long for NECC and being surrounded by people who understand the term PLN.  I believe there is a huge disconnect between teachers who utilize a PLN and teachers who do not.  One of the teachers I work with though brought his computer, and I think today, we are going to attempt to share a google doc with one another.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Last year, I spent some of my spare time at the conference discussing etherpad with Vyktorea while we slashed our way through Azeroth.  This year I was given a tour of the nervous and muscular system of a person suffering with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by Colleen Champ.  She is an incredibly talented artist working on her doctorate in Massachusets.  I took a picture of the model from the body’s control center.

Colleen's ALS Sim

People sometimes don’t see how virtual worlds can and will be applied in education. I bet the ability to shrink down to microscopic size and tour the muscular/nervous system of a person afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease might be meaningful to someone.  The people my computer connects me to is what “twenty-first century skills” are all about.  The fact that I could be taken on a tour of something so cool from so far away is still astounding to me.  Last year, a tour through Azeroth and this year a tour through Lou Gehrig.  Thank you Colleen and Catherine.

On a personal note, reading through last year’s blog post reminded me that Henny Zimer will be two years old in about a week.  I am thinking I might get him another bicycle…or perhaps a hewlett packard desktop with 6 cores…3.3ghz each.

might be henny's new bike if he keeps gettin checks from Slammed


My 79th Blog Post

Posted in Educational, Humor, Prime Number Posts with tags , on February 27, 2010 by Mister A

This is my 79th blog post.  I want it to be something spectacular and extraordinary.  You see, 79 is by far, my favorite number, and no, it isn’t because I was born or graduated in the year 1979.  It is because I am a teacher, a man, and I am 79 years old.  When I tell my students that I am 79 years old, a good portion of them actually believe me.  They are like, “WoW, you are older than my Grandpa!”  I tell them I love being 79 because it is a prime number and I love the PRIME Numbers.  I say to them, “In fact, if I were any kind of a number you know what kind of a number I would be?”… and they all respond, “PRIME”.  This is when I throw them a curve ball and say, “nope, IMAGINARY“.  Sometimes I will actually begin teaching my 12, 13, and 14 year old students about the set of imaginary numbers and although a few of the more mathematically gifted students in my classrooms vaguely grasp the concept, it usually goes over most of their heads.

This blog post makes me wonder why I continue to blog and I guess this guy said it best when he said to blog for yourself…reflecting about how and why you teach will only make you a better teacher.  And I very badly want to be a better teacher…which is better than being a mailman.

Tracker Bots, a Bus, and My Wireless Card

Posted in Humor on July 19, 2009 by Mister A

Warning…If you understand anything I say in this blog post…You are a GEEK!!!

Okay…here’s what I did on my Bus trip from Great Falls, MT to Eatonville, WA.  I recently purchased a wireless card so I would have increased access to the interwebs.  I noticed that I was retweeted by someone named Missoula Tracker and someone else named Spokane Tracker whenever I mentioned either of their first names on Tweets I was posting to Twitter.  I wondered if they were real people so I retweeted their retweets and and asked if they were real and they ended up retweeting my retweets of their retweets.  At this point, I was fairly certain they are twitterbots.

The idea popped into my head that if there were two people named Missoula and Spokane Tracker…They most certainly must have a family tree so I decided to create a twitter account with the username Trackertracker and follow all the tracker bots I could find and then retweet there retweets until the resulting retweets exceeded the 140 character twitter limit.  Tracker Tracker tweeted that he was “the Father of All Tracker bots” with the words Missoula, Redsox and Spokane attached at the end hoping for more retweets.  I hope I have not angered any Missoulians, Redsox or Spokanians who follow their cities’ two trackers…but man, did that was the fastest of many road trips I have taken between Great Falls and Seattle.

I am hoping that creating a twitter account to follow tracker bots does, in no way, qualify as spamming under Twitter’s terms of service…Even though if something is to get spam…a non-human, robot, spamming machine would be my first choice to be that spam’s receiver.

A letter to delta/nwa

Posted in Educational, Humor, Personal, Vacation on July 2, 2009 by Mister A

I sent the following note to the delta web site to get some answers to questions that no person I have talked with who works for delta seems to be able to answer…

Dear Sir or Madam,

I missed a connection from Minneapolis, MN to Great Falls, MT.  My flight #nw1823 was late from Washington DC.  I ran across the airport to make the connection.  I ran up to the gate at exactly 9:45pm which was that flight’s scheduled departure time and the plane was just pulling away from the door.

Isn’t there a way for the customer service representatives to let someone know that there is a guy coming to make a connection, possibly a quick phone call from one gate to the other. Also, I am not sure why you did not pay for my hotel room because the weather in Washington seemed fine.  Are there other reasons that you do pay for people’s hotel rooms?  If so, what are they?  And finally,why don’t you have staff meetings?  Your customer service representatives are having a hard time with the things you are making them do  they feel like their opinions have no impact on day to day operations, whatsoever, every one of them I asked anyway.


Henny Zimer

Aussie/NZ Adventure – Day 1

Posted in Humor, Vacation on June 11, 2009 by Mister A

This was one long day. We left Great Falls late Monday afternoon and arrived Wednesday morning in Auckland New Zealand. We met our guide, Anja, a kind German lady who lives in Sydney, at the gate and took off down the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand in a bus driven by a New Zealander named Max. We stopped at a place called Haven for some coffee and my families’ first meat pie. I discovered a new flavor of ice cream as well…Hoky Poky is flippin delicious.

We continued down to the Waitomo Caverns where we were introduced to glow worms and their hanging glow worm saliva. This cavern was very similar to our Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana. I doubt the NZ glow worms could survive our colder and more rugged montana cavern. The caverns and glow worms were fantastic. I have never been in an underground river before. We stopped in Otarahanga for some lunch where I utilized the library’s wifi to have a brief chat with Dean Groom.

We ended the day at a traditional Maori dinner where we ate a variety of local dishes. We had the privilege of listening and watching a group of native maori people dance and sing in their native language. It was probably the coolest part of my trip this far as their music, even the crazy warrior chants, were very pleasant to listen to. My son Adam and I even got up and danced like crazy Maori Warriors…I have asked around and it seems there are some real similarities between the Maori and Montana’s native peoples with regards to adjusting to the introduction of new people to their land. I never realized how polynesian New Zealand is until vacationing here. Tomorrow, I get to go to a present day Maori village and learn more about their culture…perhaps I will get a family tree tatoo from a real Maori warrior named Jacob…

QUALCOMM – Convergence

Posted in Humor, New Technologies on April 1, 2009 by Mister A

I vote for the Crocideagles…

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