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My 79th Blog Post

Posted in Educational, Humor, Prime Number Posts with tags , on February 27, 2010 by Mister A

This is my 79th blog post.  I want it to be something spectacular and extraordinary.  You see, 79 is by far, my favorite number, and no, it isn’t because I was born or graduated in the year 1979.  It is because I am a teacher, a man, and I am 79 years old.  When I tell my students that I am 79 years old, a good portion of them actually believe me.  They are like, “WoW, you are older than my Grandpa!”  I tell them I love being 79 because it is a prime number and I love the PRIME Numbers.  I say to them, “In fact, if I were any kind of a number you know what kind of a number I would be?”… and they all respond, “PRIME”.  This is when I throw them a curve ball and say, “nope, IMAGINARY“.  Sometimes I will actually begin teaching my 12, 13, and 14 year old students about the set of imaginary numbers and although a few of the more mathematically gifted students in my classrooms vaguely grasp the concept, it usually goes over most of their heads.

This blog post makes me wonder why I continue to blog and I guess this guy said it best when he said to blog for yourself…reflecting about how and why you teach will only make you a better teacher.  And I very badly want to be a better teacher…which is better than being a mailman.


Christmas Eve, My PLN, and Blogging from the Ski Hill

Posted in Personal, PLN with tags , , on January 2, 2010 by Mister A

My dad came over for dinner on Christmas Eve and he made the mistake of asking me why my computer kept making strange bird noises. I spent the next 45 minutes explaining what my Personal Learning Network (PLN) was to my mystified (okay, confused) 71-year-old father. I showed him Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, and Second Life. I almost showed him World of Warcraft, but when he told me he was understanding about a tenth of what I was telling him, I came to the conclusion that explaining my exploits with an Australian Death Knight named Vorsprung in the great land of Azeroth might be a bit much for my aging father. My dad has a computer that he never uses but I believe if he attempted to understand and utilize his toy, he would really enjoy it.

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On a personal note, I went skiing twice over the Christmas break and I just can’t ski as hard as I use to. I still think it is a fantastic way to spend time with my wife and two sons. Two or more hours stuck with each other either in the car or on a chair lift provide us with plenty of opportunities for talking and enjoying each other on a totally different level. And if I need to take more breaks because of my old age, the ski lodge just got wireless…SWEET!!!